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Interview Training Weekend in Oxford

Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December 2019

A critical and very particular aspect of your application to Oxford is the interview. With most other universities typically relying on impersonal exam results and a personal statement which may or may not reveal much about the candidate, a face-to-face interview gives the strong applicant a chance to show their mettle: your character; enthusiasm; intelligence and curiosty will out. The Oxford interview is a unique opportunity to present your capabilities.


For many, this represents a daunting prospect. The John Locke Institute has many years experience of independently providing mock-interviews that can help turn an able candidate into an outstanding one. Our panel consists entirely of Oxford graduates and academics, every one of whom has 'been through it'. 


Our expertise and the authenticity of our mock interviews help prepare you, both psychologically and intellectually, to be at your peak on interview day. Previous applicants have told us that our programme proved invaluable.


Who is it for?


PPE candidates - Separate interviews for Politics, Philosophy & Economics

Economics & Management candidates - Interview questions on industrial economics, strategy, microeconomics, etc. 

Economics & History candidates - Interview questions on microeconomics, economic analysis of historical events

Politics & History candidates - Interview questions on theory of politics, institutions, and politics in historical context


"Thank you for running the interview preparation day... I found it extremely helpful in understanding  what to expect and how to respond to questions."

Dorabella Moskovic-Thomas (Wycombe Abbey)

  • Introductory talk by Oxford tutors and PPE experts followed by a question & answer session.

  • Exhibition interview (with group audience) followed by analysis and questions.

  • Individual, 1 to 1 interviews with specialists in each subject.

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