Summer School - Admissions

Welcome to the John Locke Institute and thank you for your interest in our summer school.


We welcome applications from students who are academically talented, who will make a valuable contribution to the experience of the other participants, both inside and outside the classroom, and who we believe will benefit from the opportunities offered at the Institute.


Competition is intense and only very motivated candidates with high potential will be considered.


Entry assessment is in two stages: 


  • A written application via the website. This tells us about the academic performance, specific skills, interests and motivations of the candidate. 

  • An interview, usually online, via Zoom, with our Academic Dean, Robin Koerner. During the interview, a strong candidate would be expected to show rigour, logical discipline and enthusiasm in defence of an argument. Students who enjoy the interview are likely also to enjoy our courses.


The admissions committee will consider both the written application and the results of the interview in reaching their decision.


Offers will be made in the week following the interview and students will be asked to reply within a few days.


As a student and as a parent you should not feel that the John Locke Institute is beyond your means. We offer different levels of financial support to students who might otherwise be unable to attend our courses. Awards are dependent on the financial circumstances of the family, of course, but also on the quality of the written application and performance in the admission interview.


We ask for your patience during the application period and we would encourage you to check your emails regularly.


We look forward to welcoming you this summer! 

Marie Loubeyre

Dean of Admissions   

John Locke Institute

“For anyone interested in studying Economics, Politics and/or Philosophy at university I highly recommend this course. There's only so much you can gain from reading on your own during your summer holidays; the best part about it is that you’re spending time with other likeminded students, which takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to think about issues from a different perspective. It's not only extremely relevant for university applications, but is also an enriching educational experience.”

Harry Leng (Eton College, 2010 - 2015; St Catharine's College, Cambridge, 2016 - 2019)

What if I can't afford it?

The John Locke Institute Summer School is a unique learning experience and in recent years some of our students have received funding from their schools to enable them to attend. We encourage you to ask your school about its funding opportunities for educational summer programmes.


For exceptional candidates who would otherwise not be able to attend, a limited number of partial scholarships are available from the John Locke Institute. If you would like to be considered for a partial scholarship, we would encourage you to make an early application.

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