The key ingredient in what makes the John Locke summer schools special is not our distinguished faculty, and it's not our innovative, intensive teaching techniques: it's our students.

In order to bring together a diverse group of talented students, ready to challenge and inspire each other, we work very hard to attract the best quality applications from all over the world. Each year we receive around three applications per place. Our Dean of Admissions then makes a decision based on the two components of the selection process, below:



You should submit a written application via our website. This gives you the opportunity to show us that you are bright, curious, open-minded and ambitious.


Your school grades should be included in your application. In recent years the median student admitted to our summer schools has earned, or is predicted to earn, the highest possible grades in nine or ten subjects at GCSE, or a GPA in the top decile of students.


Your academic record, though, is one of the least important things about your application, and every year we accept several students whose grades do not reflect their potential, so please use the written application to tell us about why you would be great for our course, and why our course would be great for you.


At least two-thirds of all candidates are then invited to interview with our Academic Dean or one of our other senior faculty members. This interview normally takes place at your school or online, via Zoom, and should take 20 to 25 minutes. It is intended to test how you listen, how you think, and how you formulate and present arguments. A successful candidate will demonstrate precision of thought, intellectual flexibility, responsiveness to new information, and logical discipline. We hope you will find the interview exciting, as this is a good indication that you will enjoy our courses.


We will write to you with an admissions decision within two weeks of the interview. 

Regrettably, it is not possible to review admissions decisions, though unsuccessful candidates are encouraged to submit another application the following year.


Financial Aid

One in five students at the John Locke Institute summer schools will receive some form of financial support from a philanthropic trust created by the Institute.


If we encounter a student of unusually high ability, or a student who will significantly add to the intellectual, social or cultural diversity of our community, we will invite that student to submit an application for a merit-based scholarship. This will involve writing an essay of 1500 - 2000 words and sometimes an additional interview, this time with our Director. These scholarships are worth £500.

For scholarship recipients from low-income families, this award can be topped up by a means-tested bursary. Typically this would cover a minority of the fees, but in rare circumstances this can cover the entire cost of attending the summer school, including a contribution to travel expenses.


Before submitting a financial aid application, candidates must first be accepted to one of our courses. 

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From the Office of Admissions

It is my privilege to spend most of my professional life looking for tomorrow's leaders. I have visited schools throughout Britain, Europe, Asia, Australia, and thirteen US states in search of remarkable, open-minded, curious, and articulate young men and women who will make a difference in tomorrow's world.

If you would like to develop your listening and thinking skills, refine your powers of expression, and enhance your understanding of the way the world works - and should work - then I warmly invite you to apply to join our community of 'like-minded people who think differently'.

Please contact me directly if there is anything you would like to know. Or, if you think this might be the perfect opportunity for you, please go ahead and apply now.


I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope to see you this summer!


Best wishes,

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Marie Loubeyre

Dean of Admissions

Princeton: +1 (609) 608-0543 . Oxford: +44 (0)1865 566166 .