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The John Locke Institute is hosting three Oxford summer schools in August 2023: 1. Philosophy Politics & Economics (PPE), 2. History, Politics & Law (HPL), and 3. Foundation Certificate.

Our philosophy is the same for all three: to bring together the very best young students from all over the world and invite inspiring professors to challenge them to listen generously, to think critically, and to develop and deliver robust responses with clarity, precision and persuasive force.


Our summer schools are not chiefly concerned with communicating facts; instead we seek to nurture intellectual skills and help our students cultivate habits of mind that will make you a better philosopher, a better political scientist, a better economist, or a better historian.

After two weeks at a John Locke Institute summer school we expect that you will be a more subtle and sophisticated thinker, more flexible and open-minded, and - in what might appear to be paradoxical (but isn't) - we think you will acquire not only more intellectual confidence but also more intellectual humility. 

Read on to choose which academic programme is right for you. In the meantime, please put these dates in your diary:

6 – 19 August, 2023
AGES 16 - 19


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