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The John Locke Institute provides speakers to schools and universities in Britain and America in order to challenge stale thinking and stimulate debate, and in order to inspire students to be more ambitious in developing and pursuing their academic passions. Speakers from the Institute have addressed audiences from all kinds of schools and universities on a range of subjects, including 'John Locke and the Origin of Property Rights', 'How to End Poverty', 'What use are Economists?', 'What really caused the Global Financial Crisis?', 'Economics and the Environment', 'Why the Government is Bad for Education', and 'The Ethics of Capitalism'.

The John Locke Institute is entirely independent and has no formal affiliation with any school or university, but we have considerable expertise in how to choose the university and degree course to suit each individual, and we have a very successful record of advising students how to prepare an impressive application. We are always happy to supply guest speakers to help students make an informed choice about where to apply, and how to give themselves the best chance of success at their favourite institution. In particular, we welcome opportunities to advise American students and American schools on why applying to UK universities is often an excellent idea, and how to do it well, and we welcome the chance to help British students understand the virtues of the American universities, and how to navigate the U.S. admissions system. 


If you would like to invite us to visit your school or university, please contact us at

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