Summer School - Timetable

We invite you to read last year's timetable for the 2018 Summer School in France.


We will be publishing the provisional timetable for the 2019 Summer School in France in the coming months. In the meantime, you can read last year's timetable to give you a sense of what the course involves.


When reading this timetable, use it as a guide for what the courses might be like, but also remember that your daily tutorials and seminars are, to an extent, determined by you and your academic ambitions.


With our senior academics from elite British and American universities, you will explore new ideas, develop your ability to listen attentively, and organise your thoughts into well-ordered, persuasive arguments. All these skills will strengthen your candidacy for the world’s most competitive universities.

2018 Summer School Timetables

Download last year's timetable here.

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