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Politics Essay Prize

Politics Essay Prize - 2016 Questions

1. "Democracy is supposed to be rule of the people, by the people, and for the people. But in order to rule effectively, the people need political knowledge. If they know little or nothing about government, it becomes difficult to hold political leaders accountable for their performance. Unfortunately, public knowledge about politics is disturbingly low. In addition, the public also often does a poor job of evaluating the political information they do know. This state of affairs has persisted despite rising education levels, increased availability of information thanks to modern technology, and even rising IQ scores. It is mostly the result of rational behavior, not stupidity. Such widespread and persistent political ignorance and irrationality strengthens the case for limiting and decentralizing the power of government." - Ilya Somin, 2013


Is political ignorance a problem? What’s the solution?


2. “Rather than talking about putting up a fence, why don’t we work out some regcognition of our mutual problems, make it possible for [Mexicans] to come here legally with a work permit… open the border both ways by understanding their problems.” Ronald Reagan, 1980


What happened to the Republican Party?

John Locke Institute 
Politics Prize Winners 2015




Anderson Samways, Bill. Colchester Royal Grammar School


Very High Commendation:


Bunker, Patrick. Dean Close School


High Commendation:


Friend, George. Harrow School

Ismail, Tohid. Dulwich College

Lederman, Daniel. City of London School

O’Dwyer Henry, Jack. Methodist College Belfast

Wyles, Tobias. Marlborough College




Sillett, Elizabeth. Saint Felix School