Junior Summer School in France

A one-week summer experience for bright thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds. 


This course is designed to inspire exceptional young teenagers, challenging students beyond the school curriculum with world-class teachers in a fun environment in beautiful historic Normandy.


The course will cover Maths, History and French, and will be taught in very small groups (maximum six students). Students will also be introduced to Philosophy and Economics by professors from the University of Oxford and from leading colleges in the United States. They will also participate in Politics workshops with our special guest, a recently retired high-profile British politician. Finally, there will be training in critical thinking, a much-neglected and crucially important element of any education. 

There will be plenty of fun too! We have a lovely heated swimming pool (with lifeguard), five-a-side soccer, a barbecue night, a movie night, lunch in the medieval city of Bayeux, river kayaking among the dramatic scenery of the Suisse Normande, and a picnic at Omaha Beach.

“Everyone was so welcoming and enthusiastic that I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. It was a fun place where I could learn just for the sake of learning.

I also felt a definite boost of confidence when I started high school. Many of the concepts we studied during the program, such as number theory and logical reasoning, were later introduced at school and I felt ready to jump right into those class discussions. ”


- Paulina Bortnak, Junior Summer School Alumna