we're looking for people like you

The John Locke Institute exists to serve the needs of the very best students in Britain and around the world. We are always searching for the brightest, most motivated and the most curious people we can find - young people who are hungry for knowledge and understanding and who are ambitious to build their listening capacity, sharpen their reasoning skills, and strengthen their ability to write and speak with accuracy, precision and persuasive power.

be proud of your achievement

School grades are not the only measure of academic excellence, but to get ten or more 8s or 9s is a pretty impressive achievement.


People think success comes easy, but you know that getting top marks across a wide range of subjects requires not only a good brain and talented and committed teachers to support you, but real determination and persistence. Be proud of what you achieved. You earned it. 


let us celebrate your success

If you achieved ten A stars (or 9s or 8s) in your GCSEs last year, or if you were the top-performing student in your school, we want to give you a scholarship to attend one of our 2021 summer schools.  


This is how it works: Every student who earned ten or more A stars last year (or 8s or 9s), and who fills out the form below by Sunday, 28 February, will get a £250 scholarship to one of our summer schools* and will be entered into a prize draw to win one of ten £100 cash prizes. After 28 February it is still possible to apply for the scholarship, but not the prize draw.

To apply for our scholarship, or to apply for an access grant, please click on the button below:

* The Fine Print: to be able to use a scholarship for one of our courses you must first win a place on that course. Admission is by competitive entry, and the ratio of candidates to places is normally just over three-to-one. By supplying these details you consent to the John Locke Institute publishing your name and school name on our website if you are one of the ten winners, and you agree to receive emails from us with information about our essay competition, our summer schools and our gap year programmes.