Gap Year - Fall Term in Princeton

Fall Term in Princeton - 12 weeks beginning September 2019


For the first part of your gap year, join us in the picturesque university town of Princeton, just an hour by train from midtown Manhattan. For three weeks, you will follow a tailor-made curriculum of tutorials and seminars, with professors from Princeton, Columbia and NYU, chiefly in the humanities and social sciences (with some emphasis on American history and politics), but also with scope for pursuing independent study under the guidance of distinguished academics and world-famous authors.


The course includes three weeks in Boston and three weeks in New Haven for seminars with professors from Harvard, MIT and Yale, and a three-week stay in Washington DC, where we will meet academics, senators, congressmen, senior staffers, and policy experts.


If you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge during your gap year, we can provide expert guidance in preparing for the admissions tests and writing your personal statement, and we will train you for the all-importance admissions interviews. Applicants to US colleges will benefit from our SAT/ACT training and advice, and editorial feedback on admissions essays.


Our gap year courses are not about learning facts. They are about mastering the skills of enquiry, training the mind in the discipline of logical thought, and acquiring the ability to argue in writing and speech with clarity and persuasive force

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