Summer School Faculty - 2019

We are proud of our distinguished faculty.


Every year, the John Locke Institute's summer school in France is joined by many world-class academics, in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and History. Here are a few of our faculty members from 2018 and 2019.

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Professor Alan Ryan

New College, University of Oxford

Professor Ryan was professor of politics at Princeton University for fifteen years, warden of New College, Oxford, for thirteen years, and professor of philosophy at Stanford. Professor Ryan is the author of the authoritative On Politics.

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Dr Ana Laura Edelhoff

Somerville College, Oxford University

Dr Edelhoff is a teaching fellow at the Universität Hamburg, where she specialises in ancient philosophy with a particular interest in Aristotle and Plato’s metaphysics. 

In 2013 Dr Edelhoff won the Sidgwick Philosophy Prize from Corpus Christi College, Oxford. 


Mr Andrew Robinson

Eton College, UK

Mr Andrew Robinson is a historian at Eton College, where he was also house master of The Timbralls. Mr Robinson was educated at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. 


Mr Daniel Hannan

European Parliament

Daniel Hannan is a writer and journalist, and a Member of European Parliament. 


Ms Helen Dale

Writer and Lawyer

Helen Dale became the youngest winner of Australia’s premier literary award, the Miles Franklin, for her first novel, The Hand that Signed the Paper. She read law at Brasenose College, Oxford, and was Senior Adviser to Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm.


Dr Tom Palmer

Atlas Network, Washington, DC

Dr Tom Palmer is a historian and political theorist. He is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and Vice President for International Programs at the Atlas Network.


Professor David Friedman

Santa Clara University, CA

Son of economists Rose and Milton Friedman, Prof Friedman is known for his textbook writings on microeconomics and the libertarian theory of anarcho-capitalism, which is the subject of his most popular book, The Machinery of Freedom.

Ralf Bader (2018_05_26 13_17_39 UTC)_edi

Dr Ralf Bader

Merton College, Oxford University

Dr Bader is a fellow of Merton College, Oxford, and an associate professor in the philosophy department at the University of Oxford. Prior to moving to Oxford, Dr Bader was assistant professor in the philosophy department at New York University.


Mr Martin Cox


Mr Cox is the director of the John Locke Institute. A graduate of the University of Oxford, Mr Cox was a  lecturer in economics at Trinity College, Oxford. 


Dr Steve Davies

IEA, London

Dr Davies is head of education at the Institute of Economics Affairs and distinguished fellow in history at the John Locke Institute. Dr Davies has a master’s degree and a doctorate from St Andrew’s University in Scotland.


Professor Peter Millican

Hertford College, Oxford University

In 2005, Professor Millican was appointed as a Gilbert Ryle Fellow and Professor of Philosophy at Hertford College, Oxford. Prof Millican is responsible for the Philosophy & Computer Science degree at the University of Oxford.


Dr Daniel D'Amico

Brown University, US

Dr Daniel J. D'Amico is a lecturer in economics at Brown University and Associate Director at The Political Theory Project. Dr D'Amico is an authority on the political economy of criminal justice reform.


Mr David Wills


After a distinguished career in private equity Mr Wills pursued a new vocation as a World War II historian. He designs and leads historical tours to explore wartime Berlin, the rise of the Nazis in Bavaria, and D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. 


Mr Douglas Carswell

European Parliament

Mr Carswell was a British Member of Parliament from 2005 to 2017 who in 2014 became the first elected MP for the UK Independence Party (UKIP), representing Clacton. From March 2017 to May 2017, he sat as an independent.


Professor Robin Hanson

George Mason University, VA

Prof Robin Hanson is an associate professor of economics at George Mason University and a research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University.

John Filling.JPG

Dr John Filling

King's College, Cambridge University

Dr. Filling is a lecturer in the faculty of philosophy at the University of Cambridge, and a fellow and director of studies in philosophy at King’s College, Cambridge. Dr. Filling was a junior research fellow in political philosophy at St John’s College, Oxford, and a lecturer in political philosophy at Brasenose College, Oxford.

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Dr Vanessa Burns

Oxford University

An environmental geographer and doctoral candidate, Dr. Vanessa Burns is currently researching climate change at the University of Oxford. Dr. Burns has an Honours Degree in Communications from the University of Technology Sydney and a Masters Degree in Communications from the University of New South Wales.


Mr Robin Koerner

Academic Dean

Robin Koerner is the Academic Dean at the John Locke Institute, and holds graduate degrees in both Physics and the Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge. He is a political psychologist and member of the faculty network of the Foundation for Economic Education.