Globally Esteemed Tutors

Dr. Stephen Davies

Institute of Economic Affairs, London

Dr Davies is Head of Education at the IEA and Distinguished Fellow in History at the John Locke Institute. He is the author of The Wealth Explosion: the Nature and Origins of Modernity.

Talking to Steve Davies felt like a casual chat but I came away with a deeper understanding of the subject than I would have previously thought possible.

Alice Warner

Stowe School

Steve Davies is legendary at John Locke for his encyclopedic knowledge of history and current events.

Matthew Higgins Iati

Princeton University, Class of 2022

Dr Davies is inspirational. Every conversation I've had with him has left me stunned at how much he knows and eager to question him further.

Riya Banerjee
Oriel College, Oxford, Class of 2023

+44 (0)1865 566166 (UK)

+1 (609) 608-0543 (US)