"I have learnt so much in the way of how to think. The summer school opened up so many possibilities and ways to approach questions."

– Sophia Medhurst, 2020


We are proud to bring together talented, enquiring and interesting students from the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States. Thanks to the support of alumni, professors and philanthropists, we can welcome students from all kinds of family backgrounds.


Our students typically hold strong opinions, and we actively solicit applications from candidates of every political opinion and religious conviction. We look for students who enjoy challenging and being challenged, robustly but also with civility and courtesy and open minds.


Most of our professors and preceptors come from Oxford or Cambridge, or leading US universities. They are all brilliant, and some of them have a global reputation; you will notice that they love ideas and they love to challenge and inspire bright, curious students.


Many of the Institute's faculty members are classical liberals, of one form or another, but we like to bring into the mix a wide range of ideological positions, from egalitarians to anarcho-capitalists. Introducing our students to counterintuitive claims, advocated by credible exponents, is guaranteed to make them think. 

We welcome applications from students who are academically talented, who will make a valuable contribution to the experience of the other participants, both inside and outside the classroom, and who we believe will benefit from the opportunities offered by the Institute.


Competition is intense and only very motivated candidates with high potential will be considered.



We are still accepting applications for our

2021 summer course at Radley.

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