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Dr. Stephen Davies

 Institute of Economic Affairs, London

Dr Davies is Head of Education at the IEA and Distinguished Fellow in History at the John Locke Institute. He is the author of The Wealth Explosion: the Nature and Origins of Modernity. 

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Talking to Steve Davies felt like a casual chat but I came away with a deeper understanding of the subject than I would have previously thought possible.

Alice Warner

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Steve Davies is legendary at John Locke for his encyclopedic knowledge of history and current events.

Matthew Higgins Iati

Professor Daniel d'Amico

 Brown University

Professor d’Amico is a lecturer in economics at Brown University and Associate Director of the Political Theory Project. He is an authority on the political economy of criminal justice reform. 

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Evening chats with Professor d'Amico about his political and economic beliefs were one of the highlights of my time at JLI - every new idea he presented would spark vigorous debate.

Riya Banerjee


Professor d’Amico’s enthusiasm was one of the many reasons I looked forward to his informative classes. We unraveled such complex topics in a seemingly effortless and enjoyable  manner.


Miguel Shetreet

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Professor John Filling

 King’s College, University of Cambridge

Professor Filling is the Director of Studies in philosophy at King’s College, University of Cambridge. He previously lectured in political philosophy at Brasenose College, Oxford. 


Dr John Filling is one of the most engaging people I’ve ever had the privilege to be taught by. His ability to convey advanced information in such an understandable and interesting manner was a real highlight.

Tomisin Osibona

Capri Mancini.jpg

Dr. Filling has changed how I view relationships among people, governments, and other entities around the world.

Capri Mancini

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 George Mason University

Professor Hanson is Professor of Health Economics & Political Economy at George Mason University and Research Associate at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford. He holds a Ph.D. from Caltech. 

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Robin Hanson was one of the most interesting professors I have ever had the opportunity of engaging with. He challenged my beliefs and debated me during precepts and dinners.

Alison Liu


Robin Hanson’s lectures were entirely surprising in the best way. He raised issues that no one in the room had considered.

Paul James


West Virginia University

Dr Johnson is the Assistant Chair in the Economics Department at West Virginia University. She specialises in network theory, and in conducting large field experiments in economics. 

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I highly recommend the summer school not only for people considering PPE related subjects but also for the inquisitive mind. The students and the staff are amazing people who will challenge you to lift your level of thought.

Henry Warner


The brilliant teachers and engaging lectures made me consider new points of view and encouraged me to take a more active stance academically.

Zara Salaria

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Bryan Caplan.jpg

 George Mason University

Prof. Caplan is a world-renowned authority on public-choice theory. He has published several bestsellers including The Myth of the Rational Voter and The Case Against Education.  

Selvan Senthilkumaran (2018_05_26 13_17_

The opportunity to be taught by some of the most intelligent academics across the globe was so unique. Learning from Dr Davies,  Prof. Ryan, and Prof. Caplan is a memory that will stay with me for a lifetime. 

Selvan Senthilkumaran


All the faculty had amazing stories to tell, were approachable and knowledgeable. The conversations with them were interesting and memorable and made me think and debate in new ways.

Sophia Medhurst

Professor David SCHMIDTZ

University of Arizona

Prof. Schmidtz is an acclaimed political philosopher who serves as the Kendrick Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. He is editor and chief of the journal Social Philosophy and Policy.

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The faculty were incredibly knowledgeable and, being able to talk to them, one on one, was something I had never gotten to experience and something which solidified my passion for PPE. 

Noah Salehi

The lectures, precepts, tutorials and classes were all extremely intellectually stimulating and have allowed me to learn topics I wouldn’t have necessarily covered at my state school.

Freddie Newell

David Schmidtz.jpg

 University of Oxford

Professor Ryan was Warden of New College, Oxford, professor of politics at Princeton University and professor of philosophy at Stanford. He is the author of eleven books, including the authoritative On Politics. 


It was an honour to be taught by Alan Ryan; he was extremely helpful on the Oxbridge admissions process, dispelling myths, and explaining personal statements and interviews

Charlotte Baxendale


The greatest of the greats within political theory.

Ján Ptačin

Professor David Friedman

 Santa Clara University

Professor Friedman is a professor of law at Santa Clara University in California. He received his PhD from the University of Chicago. Professor Friedman has written many seminal books, including The Machinery of Freedom and Law’s Order. 


David Friedman is an excellent teacher, who presents the plain truth and helps fully develop your intellectual capabilities. Ironically, behind his homo economicus persona is a man who cares a great deal about his students.

Sean Sinanan

The opportunity to listen to David Friedman’s political and economic ideas was amazing; his willingness to entertain debate and be challenged added to my enjoyment of his teaching.

Anya Lonergan

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