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Faculty 2018

Announcing Professor David D. Friedman

published 17 May 2018

The John Locke Institute is proud to announce that Professor David D. Friedman will be joining us for the first time at our summer school in France 2018.


Professor Friedman is now a professor of economics and law at Santa Clara University. However, he originally trained as a physicist, graduating magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1965.

One of the most prominent libertarian thinkers today, Professor Friedman has argued for an anarcho-capitalist world, based on a utilitarian justification. He has written many books, the most famous of which is The Machinery of Freedom, in which he sketches out a path to providing all services — including the law — on the free market.


Students may also be familiar with his parents, Rose Friedman and Milton Friedman, prominent economists who made substantial contributions to free market and monetarist thought.

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