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Faculty 2018

Announcing Professor Alan Ryan

published 16 May 2018

The John Locke Institute is proud to announce that Professor Alan Ryan will be returning to teach at our summer school in France 2018.

Professor Ryan was elected as a fellow of New College, Oxford, in 1969. He was professor of politics at Princeton University for fifteen years, warden of New College, Oxford, for thirteen years, and founding director of the University of Oxford’s Rothermere American Institute. 


A world-renowned political theorist and historian of political thought, Professor Ryan is an authority on the development of modern liberalism and author of several important works of philosophy, as well as the comprehensive and authoritative survey of the history of political thought, On Politics. 

Professor Ryan taught at the John Locke Institute Summer School in France 2017. He taught a course on History of Political Thought. He said that the students on the course are “extremely bright and, once they get hold of an argument, they won’t let go of it until they understand it.”

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